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Parker House and Theory [entries|friends|calendar]
Parker House & Theory

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New Website [03 Oct 2005|04:54pm]

The new website for PHT should be up tommorrow! Don't forget to check it out!

I was actually thinking about promoting this community on their website. I don't know if that'd run too smooth with the manager but I'll keep ya'll in touch. I'll ask Meg about it later.

We do need more members.

x <3 x Tiffany
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September 10 [09 Sep 2005|01:25pm]

Tomorrow, September 10, is Carlos' birthday... I suggest that everyone, sadly all four of us *sadface*, should wish him a happy birthday... Don't know how? Well, there are two ways that I know of...

1. You can IM him, if you have his AIM screen name and whatnot
2. You can go to the PHT boards and follow Meg's instructions there

Oh, and there is a third way but I don't know how effective it will be...

3. You an always post on the band's myspace site...
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Size of the community... [27 Aug 2005|11:07am]

Ok... so we have three members (not including myself)... *sighs*. We need to make this group grow!!!!!

So get out there and spread the word!!!

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[25 Aug 2005|09:49pm]

Here in this community discuss all things PHT!

What ever and who ever it is about... We are here to spread the word about PHT!

To join the group you must do the following...

1. State your name
2. Why you want to join
3. What you know about PHT
4. Where you heard about PHT
5. And anything else you can think of
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First Post [25 Aug 2005|09:43pm]

This group is finaly up and running! The purpose of this group is to help spread the word of Parker House and Theory!...

If you want to join... e-mail me!
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